We have been working on this for a while to make this the easiest for you all. Here is the new information on meet payments!

You may pay fees online or at the front desk.

Front desk:

  • Simply walk up to the front desk and let them know which swim meet you signing up for
  • Let them know how many events kids will be swimming at the specific meet
  • If you don’t know how many events – you need to check with Coaches! – We strongly recommend that you email us or check with us ahead of time!
  • Please give them the EVENT NUMBER(S) from the meet information. Do not just give them freestyle or backstroke, etc!

Online pay: https://webtrac.cityofwestlake.org/wbwsc/webtrac.wsc/wbsplash.html?wbp=1

For each swim meet, there will be a separate Activity Number assigned to Swim Meets in the system. It is set up with # of events that swimmers will be swimming.

  • For example, Don will be swimming 3 events in the Solon meet. You will sign Don up for Solon Swim Meet “3”. And activity number will be something like this- #803304-03. And your fee will be $22.
  • Onat is swimming in 2 events at the Christmas Swim Meet, You will sign Onat up for Christmas Swim Meet “2”. And activity number will be something like this #803504-02. And your fee will be $34
  • Each swim meet going forward will have several options according to the number of events swimmers may swim. Such as Thanksgiving Meet 1, Thanksgiving Meet 2, Thanksgiving Meet 3, Thanksgiving Meet 4, Thanksgiving Meet 5. (see screenshot below)
  • Your fee will vary by different meets and # of events.

Screenshot of online entry form:

There will be a deadline for swim meet fees. If no fees paid on time, swimmers will not be able to swim at the meets.

Below is the meet pay information for Freestyle Frenzy Meet at Solon. Please see attached file to see who is swimming and how many events they are in so you can pay correct fee.

Deadline for this meet is next Wednesday, October 18th at 7:00 p.m.

Activity # Swim Meet & Events Fees

  • 803304-02 Solon – 2 events $17
  • 803304-03 Solon – 3 events $22
  • 803304-04 Solon – 4 events $27

Please let Coach O know if you have any questions,