Just as in school, swimmers are expected to follow a basic code of conduct while at swim practice. The rules and practice tips listed below are important for all swimmers (and parents!) to know to ensure that everyone has a safe, productive and fun experience when at the pool.

Before Practice

  • All swimmers must enter through the front doors of the Westlake Rec Center and check in with the front desk.
  • At the Westlake Rec Center, there are three sets of locker rooms that connect to the pool area — a girls locker room, a boys locker room, and a family locker room. Swimmers are ONLY to use the locker room corresponding with their gender, and not the family locker rooms.
  • Swimmers are only allowed to enter the lap pool once a Waves coach is on deck and has instructed them to enter the pool.
  • Please be on deck and ready to jump in the pool by the time practice starts. This means arriving at the Westlake Rec Center 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow time for your swimmer to change, get their cap/goggles on, and get warm-up instructions from the coaching staff.
  • If your swimmer has an open wound or a known infection or illness that could affect other swimmers, the best solution would be to let them recover before coming to practice.

During Practice

  • For the majority of practice time, swimmers will be sharing a lane with multiple swimmers. That being said, the golden rules applies: we expect that swimmers will treat the coaching staff and their teammates as they would like to be treated. This means being courteous and mindful of others around them.
  • Unless otherwise specified by a coach, swimmers must ALWAYS enter the lap pool by sliding in feet first.
  • All swimmers must wear a swim cap and goggles at all times during practice unless otherwise specified by the coaching staff.
  • The swimmers practice what is called “circle swimming” when doing laps during practice. This is a standard throughout the competitive swimming in which swimmers keep to the right side of their lane to allow for their lane mates to pass on the other side. During meets and when practicing races, they can swim down the middle of the lane.
  • While part of the coaching staff’s job is to keep practices fun and rewarding, it is not a pool party. We hope all Waves come to practice to get better and set new goals, not just to fool around. We will not tolerate horseplay or swimmers hindering other Waves from making the most of their workouts.
  • It is absolutely essential that the swimmers listen carefully and quietly when the coaches explain a set, drill, or technique. We value our time and the time of all the other swimmers in the pool, and it is disrespectful to interrupt or cause us to have to repeat instructions multiple times.
  • It is also important that each Wave learns to “swim their own practice” and focus on what they are doing, rather than rely on others to count their laps or explain the set to them. Swimmers who take responsibility for themselves and set their mind to their own workout are not only likely to become great team leaders — they will also get the most out of their practices!
  • The equipment we use, such as kickboards, fins, paddles, etc. are the property of either the Westlake Recreation Center or the Westside Waves. Please act responsibly when using gear.
  • We promote a positive, welcoming environment by encouraging swimmers to get to know the other people in their lane. Teammates often become friends outside the pool too!

After Practice

  • At the end of practice, we often do a “huddle” and recognize the Waves’ efforts. It’s important that the swimmers encourage and show support for each other, and it’s fun!
  • Please be sure to put away any equipment and pick up your belongings from the pool deck before going to the locker rooms.
  • Swimmers MAY NOT use the lap pool, diving well, lazy river, slides, etc. after their designated practice is over and they have been dismissed by the coaching staff unless a parent or guardian is in the pool area. No exceptions.
  • Again, swimmers must use either the boys or girls locker room and not the family locker room, for changing.