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Shoulder Injury Prevention
by Jim Miller, MD FAAFP/Sports Medicine FINA Sports Medicine Committee

Shoulder problems are one of the dominant issues facing swimming, as well as the other aquatic disciplines. The time lost from training and effects on performance are considerable. Prevention is key. The video above starts with a basic explanation of the shoulder’s anatomy and function. This is followed by three separate sections outlining the importance of the core in power production, the shoulder blade in linking the core power to the shoulder, and finally the rotator cuff that applies the forces to the water.

Start early in prevention with your developmental swimmers by selecting an easy exercise from each category. Build annually on this until the maturing athlete is routinely actively engaged in prevention of shoulder related problems.

This video was made possible by FINA and was developed with contributions from many physicians, trainers, physical therapists, and coaches. Swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, and diving were all involved.

My thanks to all who willingly contributed their time and expertise to making this successful. FINA released the video worldwide on the opening day of the London Games and supported its production from the beginning.

Swim smart and fast!

via USA Swimming