Join The Waves

Whether you’re a new swimmer, or an experienced swimmer looking for a swim team in the Cleveland area, the Westside Waves are happy to have you on our team! If this is your first time hearing about the Waves, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Look around this website for more information about the team. In particular, look at the fees outlined below, Team tab, Practice tab, and Calendar page.
  2. Call or email the coaching staff and ask all the questions you still have.
  3. Download the registration and medical release forms and fill everything out and return to the Westlake Recreation Center
  4. Come to practice, have fun, swim hard, make new friends, focus and get faster.

The fees to participate in the Waves generally are around $50 – $80 per month depending on the practice group, length of registration, discounts, etc.

Your registration fees include hundreds of hours of time practicing with professional coaching, detailed stroke work, the latest swimming equipment, video recording of strokes, swim lessons, daily workouts, structured activity, and most importantly, development of a lifelong skill!

Two Week Trial
The Two Week Trial Period, during which you get to know the team, how the Waves fits with your families goals and schedule and we get to know you, costs $35.  After the trial period, if you decide the Waves is a good fit for your swimmer (which we hope is the case!), the $35 be deducted from your total registration fees.

All fees are due at the time of registration unless you opt-in to one of the installment plans outlined.  The USA Swimming and Waves Registration Fee ($100) is due with the first check out.  The balance of your Waves fees can be then paid in full or Monthly Payments Due in 6 installments- First payment and Registration due at the same time the installment payments to be made on Oct 15th, Nov 15th, Dec 15th, Jan 15th, Feb 15th. See Installment sheet for details.

Please contact Head Coach Onat Tungac with any questions regarding registration